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Amazon Data Scraper: No Coding Needed


Amazon data scraper is one of the topics that is always controversial since everybody is doing it and yet everyone is telling that it against Amazon data scraping policy. So why product scraper is not allowed? Some says it’s because the user will have an edge over competitors as they can monitor the prices automatically and decide what plan of attack based on the data scraped. Amazon allows data scraping using their API (Application Programming Interface). However, it is severely limited as you would have to wait for a couple of hours each time you hit around 2,000 requests.

Googlle, ebay, or even amazon product scraping uses automatic script as it can save time and effort. Just the upfront cost would be big since it’s not easy to build one. You must hire freelancer to do the work and the cost of maintaining the software from time to time would be high. Other solution is to buy a premade software, preferably desktop software since web apps will use API that is limited or use proxies which would jump the cost through the roof since proxies are not cheap.

How to Build an Amazon Product Data Scraper: No Coding Needed

You might have guessed it. In order to build an Amazon product data scraper without any coding, you either need to hire a freelancer or buy made products. Don’t buy general scraper which cost you time to learn the software. General scraper like webharvy will cost you some steep learning curve since you must know some logic and customize the scraper to do the job.

In order to build amazon product scraper, you will need some specification that you must pass on to the freelancer you hired. They must have the knowledge of expert programming. Python is one of the language that is easy and fast to implement in order to crawl amazon products. The amazon scraper python usually can be done within weeks, if not months if the project is complicated. Depends on the skill of your freelancer, it is best to avoid inexperience people so you will have more time on your hand once the product is done.

Another specification to pass is the freelancer must be able scraping Amazon customer reviews. The data cannot be retrieved via API so it must be done manually by coding the javascript to scrape Amazon. He or she must understand how to use the programming language to code amazon scraping tool you need.

Not only the API programming is needed to build one, the knowledge to be able to scrap not only from website, but also from best seller and different categories on are handy. If the freelancer can build the scraper that uses website URL of the product, it would be excellent.

There are various kinds of good that is sold by Amazon. Different countries and different category needed different scraper. So it is best to keep the project simple and just focus on the country you are using. This will save you time and can immediately keep an eye to your competitors.

Marketing is essential in order to be successful in dropshipping, retail and affiliate business so ASIN and UPC codes and web scraping amazon reviews must also can be retrieved on your amazon product scraper. The scraper will help you solve problem within very short time and extract whatever you want using built-in programming language to scrape the content with or without API. Keep in mind that the data you want should be put in a SQL database or other storing method so you can retrieve it later on if you need to compare old data with the current data.

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