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Amazon Price Scraper using PHP Script


If you want to get Amazon price scraper on your web, you either have two options: using PHP script, or use the existing codes available. Either options have their own weakness and strength which I will discuss in the next few paragraphs.

Why not python? Python has been popular for many years because of the simplicity of the code, however it needs more effort to be visible on web page, unlike PHP which widely supported and have wide range of community behind it. Even wordpress which I use to write this blog uses PHP, not Python. That is the reason why you should learn PHP script to build amazon product data scraper, not other language in order to be able scraping Amazon product, either by using API or crawling products using web browsers.

Amazon Price Scraper using PHP

Scraping customer reviews would be a challenge in PHP since you need to parse JavaScript, PHP can only be able to parse HTML files, not JavaScripts. Nowadays, any website will have javascript in it, so you’d better use other library to parse it. JSON, in the other hand, relatively easy to handle with. Just download, then import the amazon_scraper library into your PHP class then you’re ready to go to be used on opencart.

The result of amazon scraping tool is the data you might need such as Amazon product details or pricing, can be helpful since details you can’t get with Product Advertising API can be scraped directly from Amazon pages.

You can also use PHP script to monitor the changes in title, sales rank, Price, Stock count or availability, categories, images, reviews and ratings for each products based on the ASIN, EAN or UPC codes.

Another benefit using PHP is the script to scrape amazon is to analyze bestseller brands that are being sold on Amazon either in, .it, .de or

By using PHP to scrape amazon reviews, you can also generates table prices within your website. You can also save the data in the database by using MySQL so it can be used later on.

However, instead of coding and needing to make GitHub repository on Amazon-Scraper, you can just purchase Amazon price scraping tool. You will contribute development by supporting the developer, and it would evolve to become the best data extraction software. The paid products usually have more accuracy on prices than just PHP script or Google Sheets. It also easy since you only use ImportXML or importing ASIN to make the software works without knowing anything about coding, xpath, coding formula that would make any faint heart.

In other ways, retailer might want to keep database of their pricing data not on the web. Since the data on the web can be shared across different competitors or users, and data can be hacked so it can be lost. So amazon asin hunter desktop software is still the best way to go to if you are concerned about safety of your data. Web apps have the tendency to cache the data, so you will not get the real time price change than using desktop software.

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