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Amazon Product Review Policy Changes & Update


No doubt Amazon product reviews are vital for getting more sales for sellers, dropshippers and affiliates. Product reviews are one area that is highly read by customers to get second opinions about the product the seller sell. It often had some insight of what the functionality that is not available for the product description by providing FAQ, which can be answered by other customers.

Like any other company, Amazon product review policy changes from time to time to update for the current economic situation. This move from Amazon, mainly because of many users are exploiting the data given by Amazon, thus cost on providing the data went up. So they try to minimize the cost by limiting the access of the data. This is general move by all companies, even Google uses this move by deleting the non active or spam accounts to free up some spaces and in the end, not have to upgrade the hardware which cost a lot more than just doing maintenance on their users.

For bloggers relied on affiliate commissions, the change of this product review is quite bad, since they can no longer put the review on their affiliate site, as it must be used on an ugly iframe instead of displaying them on their site.

For sellers and dropshippers, the review which cannot be gotten from API is a pain in the neck. Displaying the iframe is not very good as Google doesn’t like iframe very much and displaying this on their site would hurt credibility as well. Thus, for this particular reason, many Amazon sellers and dropshippers use Amazon scraping tool like ZonASINHunter to get the data directly from Amazon server and get the review data instead.

Amazon scraper uses the URL and digs deeply into product reviews and scrape amazon reviews data one by one. This would-be time consuming manually, but using a software it would be much faster, and you can leave out the data structure to the software. You can then export the data to CSV or Excel files to be used later.

Even the review data is not displayed on their site because of Amazon product review policy, it can be used for increasing their revenue by analyzing the data and spying on their competitors’ data also to see what can be improved on their end to increase the revenue.

Amazon Customer Review Creation Guidelines

Amazon has customer support and community which you can use to get answers from other sellers about the customer review creation guidelines.

If your content is deleted or not accepted, it is because the review doesn’t comply with Amazon guidelines. It might be because it has promotional content. You can resubmit on the same product with different wording to eliminate the promotional writing.

Negative reviews are bad influence bad revenue, as pessimistic opinions always spread faster than positive ones. However, fabricating the reviews by hiring fake customers to balance out the negative reviews as well hurt your sales as it is against Amazon terms of service, and if you are found to practice this, they will ban your account. So all you can do is to contact the buyers who causing the negative reviews and offer any compensation you can use, hopefully they will update the star rating on the reviews.

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