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How to Download All Amazon Product Reviews Dataset


In this article, I will show you how to download all Amazon product reviews dataset. There are three ways to do it, by using desktop software like Zon ASIN Hunter or browser add-ons like asingrabber, recurring payment web apps or just code it yourself for free using Amazon product advertising API.

Just to download amazon reviews will not useful for many users, but extracting the data and converting it so it becomes meaningful is way better than not doing anything with the precious data scraped.

Download All Amazon Reviews

Downloading all amazon reviews are ranging from single category such as Books, Music or all categories can be done using amazon products data scraper. The dataset from Amazon then going to be an article on how to use the products, or review on some personal blogs so the blog reader could have the benefit from it and purchase the product from amazon using the link provided by the blog owner affiliate/associate account.

If you are using the data for the articles on your blogs, you might want to use proper templates. There are various templates you can choose from on the repositories. Or if you want to use other blogging platform, it’s up to you to decide. In any case, the deals to be included on your blog should not have the direct link to Amazon, but try to track the link using shortener like bitly or googl so you can see how many of your blog reader go to Amazon and hopefully buy the product so you’ll get some commission out of it.

Other things to consider when blogging using Amazon to review them, is to include disclaimer about the discount. As Amazon prices constantly changing because of ongoing promos or deals, it’s best to let your reader to know about it. A single page of consisting this disclaimer would be helpful. If you don’t know how to include in your disclaimer page, you can use a wordpress plugin that automatically create the pages for you.

Marketing the article on your page can be done using email marketing. Just insert an opt-in form on your blog and let your reader subscribe to your email campaign. You can then follow up the reader by using email for any deals or reviews you create. Having a facebook fanpage might help to get feedback from your users. FB groups can also helpful, but careful of the guidelines. Some other irresponsible users might post some spams, meme, or other things that are not appropriate to be included in facebook.

Download Amazon Reviews Jobs

Jobs in this sector has been popping up for many years thanks to the power of the internet. Other people around the globe are outsourcing the data management to other people so they are not showing what they can do, instead just let other people to do scrape amazon reviews for them. Having knowledge on plugins and policy will help you take the jobs.

If you’re a programmer, program a simple request script so they can view your sample or build a service sites, software and free theme would be beneficial.

Uploading videos on youtube or wordpress website can also help. However, if you can’t do writing using YouTube API and PHP, the best way is to ask on reddit or warrior forum for widget data set.


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