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How to Use Amazon Product Scraper Software


How to Use Amazon Product Scraper Software – So you might have been downloaded some tool for scraping Amazon data. To extract the data, you need to know a bit of how scraping works. Screen scraping or web data extraction uses browser just like Firefox, Chrome, or Safari to download data from Amazon server. Other scraper might use API (Application Programming Interface) to get the data. In order to present the data visually, the software uses some kind of tables just like in Excel to spread out the data for the user with headings, columns, and rows.

Many people uses the data for various reasons, some might use it for gathering information for the competitors, some just use it for checking the current price, or other might use it to build a new website using opencart. Whether it’s free or not, you should choose the most comfortable and suitable for you. I have written some explanation about comparison between free and paid for the amazon scraping tool. Pro users might use web apps that you should paid monthly or annual recurring because of high maintenance of the server and customer service.

Amazon Scraper using Python

If you want to save money and not having enough budget to buy some software, you should learn to code. Although it’s not very fast to begin scraping, if you already a programmer, you might want to use PHP, PHP or R to scrape Amazon reviews.

Python is a programming language that widely used for server-side programming. You will need domain, good hosting, and good programming knowledge to begin with. There are many books on data extractor using Phyton on Amazon, you might want to look at that as well. The learning curve is very steep, so I don’t recommend going to that route as you will have to learn other programming language such as JavaScript. You’d better off crawling Amazon products and customer reviews using paid tools such as WebHarvy or ZonASINHunter.

However, you should learn the difference between them, so one might not suitable for you as another. You should get an Amazon scraper software that can import price, review, ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), description, Image, buybox price, fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) by Yes and No. The best data extraction software that yields that in my opinion is as you can easily get data using URL and not just by keywords or selecting department or category like other software does. It’s cost effective and you can even upload a list of ASIN and get UPC codes extracted from Amazon to be ready to use.

The Drawback using Amazon Scraping API

Using Amazon Product Advertising API as the main source of scraping tool can be fast compared to commercial amazon product scraper software, but some data might not be available such as product reviews, details or price for each merchant. Using proprietary technology such as web scraping created by many bright programmers are best but time consuming. Despite the limitation, many people still use API because of convenience and fast to code. Like most APIs ,the product advertising API return basic information such as title, price, details, images, description.

If you don’t want to pay for the API service, I insist you to learn how to code. NPM installation of Amazon scraper, saving the code, and use config JSON or setting the URL which domains you want to scrape are the basic requirements to do screen scraping using API.

GitHub repository is your best friend as it has many codes you can use for AmazonScrape. It also supplies other programming language on sortable search tools such as WPF/C#. You can also use hybrid web client and supplements with standard functionality and later on add some extra data that is not just specifically for but other Amazon country as well.

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