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Learn Web Scraping Amazon Reviews


In this post I will let you learn web scraping Amazon reviews which we have been doing for quite a while. Customer reviews scraping is one of the biggest pitfall that many people experience when crawling the data from Amazon. That is because the data is not available on the web. You will need to work harder on your Python script to get the review scraper working as API doesn’t return the data so it must be done manually by using crawl algorithm.

How to do scraping amazon customer reviews?

You can either get paid amazon products data scraper such as WebHarvy or ZonASINHunter to download the reviews, or use browser add-on to run JavaScript in order to scrape the data. This method can also be used to get average rating for each product has. The other solution might be involving a coding in PHP script to get countless reviews from Amazon. Since the data resided in iframe, avertising and dataset all from Amazon will be there. It will need to be selected and parsed before using. So basically you will need to work harder than before. API has become useless when it comes to get amazon customer reviews to put in your opencart.

Either free or pro software can get the Amazon reviews. The question is how much you are willing spend the time or money. You can leave out the how to to developers or get your own code by using Python or getting expensive web scraping services.

Web Scraping Amazon Reviews

Amazon reviews has many pages of data, but in this case, only a page retrieve summary and the first can be scraped on one particular web-scrape. A list on other reviews on different pages can be retrieved and be used if you have provided access through Product Advertising API. However, it was old news. They discontinued the service on November 8, 2010 and many people cannot get the reviews by embedding to the site.

The API can only return the link to the review that people can be used to link when promoting the products on their website. However, this might be reducing the conversion as people will jump to Amazon in order to read the reviews and not going back to the bloggers or website that is promoting the products in the first place.

For research or project purposes, crawling amazon reviews instead of using amazon price scraper can help deciding which one of the data you can use. Often times, you will need to export the data in order to obtain the data from Amazon. In the pure form, making requests using the web browser is necessary and extracting the data response will be used afterward in order to do the research more efficiently. If you really need to do the scraping, you can get the API to return the link of the review and scrape the link provided then. Aggregation of the reviews are available on the internet, however if you need real time data, you will need to do the scraping yourself as the data would be fresh and up to date compared to other data on the web.

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