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How to Scrape Amazon Reviews using Python, PHP, and R


How to Scrape Amazon Reviews using Python, PHP, and R – The problem with web scraping Amazon product reviews is that they are not easily available to programmers. There are many programming language that can retrieve the reviews from Azon. Mainly programmers or freelancer uses Python, PHP and R as the web server side language. This is because it might be easier to put the result to clients, thus resulting in faster payments. However, although these are powerful programming language, they can lack some of the things that desktop software can. The main problem with scraping customer reviews are they are not available on Amazon API (Application Programming Language).

Amazon Product Scraper

Desktop software will always exist because of web apps cannot do things that desktop software can. First of all, desktop software is relatively cheap compared to maintenance of domain, hosting, and also proxies needed to access target server. This is why web apps are rather expensive, because of apps maintenance unlike apps that resides on your operating system.

JavaScript made web app scraping a lot harder because the code must run the script. Mainly the programming language only support HTML and must use third party software to parse JavaScript and return the result. This adds another layer of complexity within web software. Meanwhile, desktop can only use the client’s IP, but can also use VPN or proxies in order to mask the IP because of Amazon web scraping policy.

How to Scrape & Download Amazon Product Reviews

There are a lot of ways to scrape and download pages from the web for scraping. However, the process of how to make Amazon scraping tool is complicated and can be broken down into these steps:

  1. First of all, the coder should download the page
  2. Execute any script that is available on the Amazon server.
  3. Then get any data available on the page.
  4. Parse any data for the reviews
  5. Return the data to user

The main issue to crawl amazon products reviews are the execution of the scripts. This must be done since there is no data can be retrieved during API requests. Mainly the data needed are customer average ratings and the description of the review. One solution is using DIY web scraping tool such as WebHarvy for Amazon, but it is severely limited and complicated so you need to learn the programming language yourself. If you don’t bother to learn any new language that comes every other month, you can use amazon product scraper software like ZonASINHunter. It eliminates completely the learning process so you can just focus on growing your business instead of getting headache of getting all review data.

People uses the review data for many different purposes, such as serving free service for their website, or maybe some other professional uses it for adding opencart products on their site. Other might just want to get the review to read and learn if the product worth buying or selling if they are Amazon affiliate or dropshippers.

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